Name: FUKUSEN Co.,Ltd.
Foundation: 1948,April
Established: 1964,August
Representative: President:Katumori Fukumoto
Capital: 30 million Yen
Employee: 5 members
Registered Address: 153 Ena Wakayama-shi,Wakayama-ken
Head Office: 153 Ena Wakayama-shi,Wakayama-ken
Tel: +81 73 479 1155
Fax: +81 73 479 1156

Tokyo Office: 2F, Iwamotowasai Bldg.
2-15-2 Shinjyuku Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo.
Tel: +81 3 3225 4111
Fax: +81 3 3225 4110

Business Establishment: New function highly additional valued
fiber products manufacture
Patent No.: Patent No.2926096
Handling items: Healthy clothing products
   antiseptic deodorant manufacture,
   antiseptic manufacture.
High function products
   deodrant manufacture,
   form stabilized manufacture,
   water proof manufacture,others.
Skincare products
   atopic control manufacture,
   old age excess skin oil control manufacture,
   dry skin control manufacture.
Major Banks: Bank of Kiyou,
Treasury of Commers and Industry Union,
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi.


April 1948 Established by Fukumoto Toshiharu
August 1964 Establishment registers
Fukui fiber(textile)industry Co.,Ltd.
(Fukui shouten Co, 3million yen)
August 1973 Increase capital 12million Yen
June 1987 Representative Director Katumori
Fukumoto take office
July 1990 Firm name changed to Fukusen Industry Co.,Ltd.
December 1997 authorized as the Wakayama-ken creative business
activity promotion goner
August 1998 Applying International patent in 7 countries
October 1998 Opening of Tokyo Office (Sales office)
May 1999 Patents Office patents right for industry ownership
from the patents office.(Patent NO.2926096)
January 2001 Republic Of Chain Taiwan patents right for industry
ownership (invention NO.119659)
September 2001 Firm name changed to FUKUSEN Co.,Ltd.
September 2001 Increase capital 32milion yen
September 2001 Chairman of the Board Katumori Fukumoto
takes office
September 2001 Representative director Takanobu Ono
takes office
December 2001 Industrial patent right in Republic of China,
Taiwan,United states of America.
April 2002 Applying for International material patent
"Skin environment composition and it's clothing"
in 6 countries
July 2002 Increase capital 105.1million yen
December 2002 Increase capital 116million yen
March 2003 Established SUZHOU JIAFU TEXTILE
March 2003 Increase capital 121 million yen
June 2005 Commission “A development team“ by decentralization
meeting for the study
October 2006 Authorization “Field of new business reclamation cooperation“
by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
June 2007 Winning minister Prize ”300 medium and small-sized businesses
made with a cheerful thing” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and
June 2007 Increase capital 30 million yen
November 2007 Representative director Katumori Fukumoto
takes office
February 2008 Governor Commendation of an invention device